We provide in-depth, engaged assistance with analysis and interpretation of informatics data sets, design of computational pipelines, and development of new algorithms to drive distillation of biological knowledge from complex data.


Advances in single cell technologies have led to rapid generation of large biological data sets which require informatics approaches to analyze. Single cell resolution of -omics data sets holds tremendous promise for advancing swaths of biology but to fully utilize the data sets, marriage of biological and computational knowledge is required. We believe that this kind of transdisciplinary work requires a firm partnership with constant interaction, which we seek to develop with our clients. We combine our expertise in explaining results and translating biological questions into computational pipelines with dedication and involvement in each project to bring top tier analysis to all of our clients.


Single Cell RNA Sequencing

Spatial transcriptomics

Intercellular Signaling Analyses

We offer a customized, in-house intercellular signaling package based on Domino, a previously published software package developed by our founder and the only scRNAseq intercellular signaling packages capable of identifying ligand-receptor pairs and their transcription factor targets. The package is applicable to single cell RNA sequencing, spatial transcriptomics, and high-sample bulk RNA sequencing data sets.

Bulk RNA Sequencing

Chromatin accessibility assays


Christopher Cherry is founder and owner of C M Cherry consulting. He holds a PhD from Johns Hopkins University in Biomedical Engineering. He has independently analyzed large multiomic data sets including single cell and bulk RNA sequencing, spatial transcriptomic, whole genome and exome sequencing, chromatin accessibility, TCR sequencing, and clinical correlative data.

Michael Patatanian is a bioinformatic analyst at C M Cherry Consulting. He holds an MPH from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, specializing in Biostatistical and Epidemiological methods. In addition to managing client projects, he aids in the analysis and interpretation of single cell and bulk RNA sequencing, and chromatin accessibility datasets.



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